Crown Burgers, Salt Lake City

Also known as the place my family was supposed to visit with me, but didn’t. Oh well, it’s their loss, because Crown Burgers is about as Utah as it gets with the way they do their cheeseburgers, and for those who have never been to the Beehive State, Utah can get pretty delicious.

Crown Burgers serves all kinds of American and Greek food, but it’s their namesake and Utah’s signature condiment that make this place worth a visit. By condiment, I speak of course of fry sauce, which can only be found in the Rocky Mountains.

What is fry sauce? Basically, it’s a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise, and it’s that small pink condiment you see up top. I kind of suspected it might be good when I discovered I enjoyed dipping my fries in mayo one day (I had run out of ketchup and wanted to try it), and my first experiences with fry sauce told me I was right. It was so good I bought three bottles before I left Idaho because I wanted to have some in Iowa. Now I need to make my own.

Anyway, what makes the Crown Burger the Crown Burger is the additions of pastrami and fry sauce to the standard cheeseburger. Now, I’m not one for pastrami most times. My deli meats of choice are ham, turkey and roast beef, all of which I find outstanding. But pastrami, while it’s okay, is something that I can pass on most days.

Not here. The pastrami really works with the burger, giving it a wonderful flavor and a different texture than the ordinary cheeseburger. It’s different, but it really works. I’ve yet to try to make my own Crown Burger at home, but that’s not far away with how tasty it is.

Outside of Crown Burgers, everything you would find in your average burger place can be found here too, plus some Greek specialties. Want a gyro, some souvlaki or some baklava? All of those can be found on Crown Burgers’ menu.

But the main reason to make the pilgrimage to SLC and visit this longtime restaurant is its namesake item. You can’t really find the Crown Burger outside of the area of the Great Salt Lake. Sure, you can get a pastrami-topped cheeseburger elsewhere, but it’s unlikely it’s going to come with fry sauce.

Even if it does, it’s not likely to be quite as good as what you have here. There’s a reason Crown Burgers has several locations in the SLC metro area and a reason it’s been in business since 1978. It’s because you’re not likely to find much better on a bun. They call themselves the best burger in Utah, and I’ve found no reason to disagree.


Time to go: Lunch or dinner. A Crown Burger works great for either meal.

Wait during my visit: None, but I also went to the location in Layton, north of Salt Lake City proper. The restaurant has seven locations, making it very easy to get your hands on a Crown Burger.

Location: There are five places in Salt Lake proper, one in Layton and one in Sandy.

Parking: Ample.

Cost: Wallet-friendly. You’ll get out for under $10.

Website: Crown Burgers

Signature items: Pastrami-topped cheeseburger, the Crown Burger.

Crown Burgers on Urbanspoon


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